Every year, it's the same puzzle. How to choose your swimsuit according to your body type? The goal is to balance the silhouette by opting for different shapes, materials or colors and prints in order to create a harmonious result.

BEAUTYSUN helps you find THE perfect bikini for this beautiful season . Feeling good and comfortable in your swimsuit is important. Choose the comfortable swimsuit for the holidays.

We remember that there are as many different body types as there are women and that above all, there is no such thing as a perfect body. Therefore, everyone is free to wear whatever they want as long as they feel good in it. We do not dictate any guidelines to follow, it is only advice.


    • A-SHAPED OR PYRAMID SILHOUETTE: I have a thin bust and pronounced hips.

The idea: add volume at the top and lighten at the bottom to draw the eye to the bust.

The bandeau bikini top: it will add volume and highlight your bust.

The padded bikini top: it draws the eye to your chest and bust.

High-cut bikini bottoms: they will give the impression of longer, slimmer legs.

The one-piece swimsuit will be perfect for this body shape, don't forget that it must remain low-cut!

Be careful of stockings that cover too much and could weigh down your hips.

              • INVERTED V OR PYRAMID SILHOUETTE: I have broad shoulders and narrower hips

The idea: add volume at the bottom and lighten the top to standardize the silhouette

The triangle bikini top: It will give you femininity and a plunging neckline will visually reduce the size of your shoulders. A top with thin straps will also be conclusive.

High-waisted, full-coverage bikini bottoms that draw the eye to your hips, making them appear more voluminous.

The one-piece swimsuit with a plunging neckline.

We avoid headbands, ruffles or frills on the upper body.

  • H-SHAPED OR RECTANGLE SILHOUETTE: I have a shallow waist and hips and shoulders of the same width.
  • The idea: add volume at the top and bottom to give the impression of a marked waistline.

    The padded or triangle bikini top: it will help you soften your silhouette.

    High-waisted swimsuit bottoms: they mark your waist.

    The one-piece swimsuit will be your best ally, it will soften your silhouette and make it more feminine, opt for a shaping model or with a belt at the waist.

    To avoid: Horizontal stripes and square necklines which weigh down the bust

    • O-SHAPED SILHOUETTE: I have a generous chest, a little stomach and rounded shoulders. (pulp)

    The idea: Shape the silhouette.

    The swimsuit top: a top that supports the chest, removable straps. Crossed straps in the back provide better support.

    High-waisted, shapely bikini bottoms that will refine your figure.

    The low-cut one-piece swimsuit that will highlight your chest.

    Choose thick, matte and elastic materials to shape your curves.

    Contrary to what you think, bikinis are made for you, so don't hide in models that cover too much!

    • X OR HOURS OR 8 SILHOUETTE: My hips and shoulders are aligned with a defined waist.

    The idea: Everything suits you!

    You can wear any shape of swimsuit you like, all you have to do is choose, you are spoiled for choice.

    Little tip: high-cut, high-cut bottoms will show you off even more because they will accentuate your small waist and lengthen your silhouette.

    Swimsuit adapted to your complexion

    Swimsuit for fair skin

    For fair skin, avoid light or too flashy swimsuits which will tend to make your complexion pale. On the contrary, choose darker, plain or printed swimsuits.

    Blonde or brunette? Choose cool colors like navy blue, green or even purple. These colors contrast with your hair.

    Redhead? Red, black and dark green will be your best friends!

    Swimsuit for dark skin

    For tanned skin, treat yourself! And yes all the colors will suit you, you're lucky.

    For black skin, choose bright, light colors, whether on a plain or patterned swimsuit.

    Blonde or brunette? Pastel colors, warm tones, cool tones, or prints will suit you perfectly!

    Redhead? white and warm red will elegantly bring out your red and highlight your tanned complexion.

    Article written by Marie Bellio and Estelle Bach.