Currently, the textile industry releases more than 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2 each year! These figures are much higher than those for aviation or maritime traffic.

The textile industry as it is today is responsible for much more than we think and is degrading our society on several levels.

Whether it is air pollution, water pollution, or even soil pollution, nothing escapes it.

Now is the time to seize the opportunities to fight this pollution.

What is important to know is that nothing is lost, everything is transformed. This is why textile producing companies like BEAUTYSUN must commit to the sustainability of our products.


Today, every company should turn to a more ecological and sustainable routine. The future is in the hands of today's players.

Our journey towards sustainability is important to us. This is why designer Estelle Bach wants BEAUTYSUN to also commit to responsible and sustainable development of the brand over time. Every day, we are moving a little further towards a more responsible approach that cares about our dear planet .

At BEAUTYSUN, we are constantly striving to reduce our overall carbon footprint and environmental impact . We are aware of the damage caused by the consumerism that is enormously present in our society.

So we must pay more attention to the manufacturing and provenance of our products. Our pieces are made by hand in our factory located near Hong Kong. We therefore pay very strict and particular attention to the ecological impact of these and the working conditions of employees.

We continually work with our production and manufacturing team to ensure their working conditions are inclusive , fair and ethical . As we could not go on site due to the health crisis, we spoke several times with the team via video calls to monitor the health conditions and meet the team members responsible for our production.

And because the path does not end there , we will continue to move, little by little, towards even more responsible production, the research and supply of environmentally friendly packaging materials, the reduction of our overall use of plastic and the implementation of sustainable practices within our business and our supply chain.

At the company's headquarters , we aim to reduce waste , and reuse and recycle wherever possible. This also affects our cleaning products and our stationery by constantly working with our manufacturers to significantly reduce plastics in our workplace.

So, our team will be delighted to research , test , implement and above all share this process with you!

So if you have an idea or would like to participate in improving our activity at BEAUTYSUN, do not hesitate to contact us by email at the following address:


For the first time, this season, BEAUTYSUN offers you the opportunity to wear swimsuits made 100% from recycled nylon fabrics .

Through this commitment, BEAUTYSUN is in turn part of the fight for the environment . The more we recycle , the less we destroy , which reduces the amount of greenhouse gases produced. Not to mention the fact that this allows us to consume less of our resources.

It was essential for us this year to produce this type of swimsuit, and to highlight our commitment . It is also a way to encourage YOU to consume better , it is together that we can fight against environmental degradation.

Although this new way of operating allows us to differentiate ourselves, it also accentuates the evolution and development of our brand towards responsible consumption.

We are far from being flawless, for the moment, not all of our swimsuits are made from recycled fabrics, but it is important, through small gestures like this, to participate in a better future.



It was also this year that we stopped the production of fabric labels . A source of pollution, we have now opted for labels printed directly on the swimsuit fabric. 

Thus, it is possible to combine ecology and comfort at BEAUTYSUN. You will no longer have to worry about the label coming out of the swimsuit, all the information is directly inside the bikini... not bad right?!


We have the right to be attracted to new models of swimsuits, or to be tired of always wearing the same ones. There are alternative solutions to purchasing cheaper and environmentally friendly swimsuits.

Firstly, if other people are in your situation, consider taking a look in their dressing rooms, you might find what you're looking for there, and so will they. Whether swimsuits or other clothing, the objective is to give them a second life and to act for the ecology.

In the same style, don't hesitate to shop for your new inexpensive bikinis thanks to the wardrobe clearances or, in the opposite case, whether you give yourself or resell your old swimsuits at much more affordable prices than in stores.



Most of our packaging is made from recycled , recyclable or environmentally friendly materials. Our swimsuit pouches are made from recycled fabric . Our cardboard shipping boxes are 100% recyclable.

 In our efforts to be a sustainable brand , we are gradually taking steps to ensure that our packaging is recyclable , reusable (in the future we will aim for compostable packaging).

To minimize waste as much as possible, we work regularly with our supply chain.

Additionally, we constantly evaluate our inventory and orders to ensure we are not over-ordering.



It is true that no one is blameless when we talk about ecology and acting for our future. But if everyone reduced themselves to small daily actions we could then perhaps extend the life experience of our planet.

When it comes to BEAUTYSUN, the team does its best to make our world a better place. After the launch of our first recycled fabric swimsuits, we hope to begin producing all of our packaging with 100% recycled and recyclable materials. The same goes for our packaging, ideally, it should be biodegradable and our bags should be compostable in order to improve the health of our planet. 

So, all of this would then lead to a production line created entirely with recycled materials . We put all our heart into this project in order to best reflect the values ​​of BEAUTYSUN. We are fully aware of the impact of consumerism on our society and the level of urgency our planet demands. Of course, we are not perfect and we still have many things to improve . But we are doing everything we can to build a better future with you.

The BEAUTYSUN team, written by Fanny.